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Think Global Act Local

More aspects today are inter-related then maybe expected
Over and over again I read in the media “surprising” statements like “the statistical risk analysis for the financial products doesn’t hold”, “PV manufacturers dump toxic production waste !”, “outsourcing production affects the design business !”. So has anything changed lately?
Uh, Yes and No. No the the underlying issues were [...]

Moving to Electric Cars

Why aren’t there more Electric Cars for Sale?
Many articles show over and over new designs, new intentions, great ideas, however it is still close to impossible to buy an electric car besides a few old approach hybrids. I’m not the person to dig into conspiracy theories, I’m more interested in following the money and understand the [...]

No Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets sell!
We all know that that is the case. If you present a simple approach that addresses all the issues presented and you can show that by executing this simple proposal the benefits will grow and that there is financial benefit very fast after your start, you have a hit. Throughout my career I [...]