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Innovation ligth

Services type
Services, like you get when learning a new sport helped me convert one way of progress into another one. The trainer redirecting my abilities through instruction and support into new abilities, after an analysis of my capabilities. That’s the service I expect your organization to desire as well, working from the output backwards.

Real world action oriented style
No extended reports, but sufficient analysis to construct a gameplan and hands-on support.


Understanding your strengths and weaknesses
As expert you are normally within the problem space, so you have more difficulties than an ousider to see your strengths and weaknesses. Having built knowledge and capabilities in a certain market space makes it more difficult for you to see that your market has changed or is changing, its like the frog in the slowly boiling water.

Defining your project outcomes and approach
When producing added value features for end users the specification needs to be defined into terms of what it brings to the user, although in order to deliver something that specification needs to be converted into a what.

Managing your project priorities
It is expected that you have most of the capabilities to run the details of the project activities. It’s in the overview, providing the outside view on priorities that complements your organizations capabilities where ASCAMA add its value.

Communicating project progress
Particularly management will want to see a project progess expressed in none engineering terms, another aspect that ASCAMA can provide to support your innovation projects.

Running Project

In October 2009 I joined Keystone Insights LLC as investor with the assignment to get Speech recognition implemented (in exchange for shares in the company) for a product service called DocWrite , which has an iPhone front-end and web back-end. I’m having lots of fun pushing the limits of making interfaces as simple as possible, while assuring the back-end implementation can be easily scaled into hundreds of virtual computers with standard tools.