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Innovation ligth

Enjoying change

(Anton van Kimmenade)

As you can conclude from the picture, I like to keep a project in the air with simple and light controls. While making use of all the available forces I enjoy directing them to provide progress.

This requires a clear target as well as an ability to anticipate changing conditions. Like with kites you can choose for an approach that allows fast corrections when the conditions vary a lot or use slow responding versions when the conditions are stable. My personal preference goes towards the fast responding power versions.

Supporting your organisation

As every organisation is different, it would not be wise to propose a standard approach for your innovation management. It’s better to analyze your strengths in light of the requirements of the markets you are going after. Where needed ASCAMA can help you with

  • understanding your strengths and weaknesses for the desired markets.
  • defining your project outcomes and approach
  • managing your project priorities
  • communicating project progress



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