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Putting your money where your mouth is

Unfortunately I did that a couple of years ago, when I thought it to be time to spend money earned, in places where it could benefit locals as well as myself over time. The company trusted with the investment unfortunately followed the adagio of the financial world, take profits now and present yourself as a victim when the money runs out. So I learned a lot of how that works, although I had rather not collected that knowledge.

Putting ideas to work

Creating a lot of mental models is nice, without using them for action you don’t make progress. Luckily I ran into colleagues who were looking for ways to bootstrap their idea for developing documentation tools for the professional-on-the-go. In order to be of any use I had to upgrade my skill set with new technology as the service would be provided through cloud computing while the front end would be implemented on an iPhone. The whole approach lines up with one of my earlier articles where I suggested to invest with time and be paid with equity to keep innovation moving. I hope to be able to report in the future that retooling myself did work out. It simply is amazing how you can scale your business down from an operational cost point of view by buying computer power per hour, paying for revision control per month and investing in a computer development system with well integrated communication futures and virtualisation software. This to support iPhone development, combine Windows and Linux servers, have video conferences and one on one sessions of support. It is not that that was new for me, but there is a difference between setting that as a goal for a work environment 10 year ago and now seeing it implemented with a just few of the shelf products ( Imac, iPhone, Xcode,VMware Fusion, Amazon Cloud computing).

Solar Energy through the co-operative

Solar energy in the Netherlands doesn’t make as much progress as it could be as the support is up and down, not like in Germany where the feed-in system grows the solar business rapidly, although the Chinese solar panel are cheaper due to heavy subsidizing and create heavy competition stress in that business. I’m convinced that the local solar industry will survive if we provide it a stable enough market. A new private initiative in the Netherlands has generated a co-operative ”ZonneVogel” (sunbird) that will allow the members to invest in solar energy by bringing enough capital together to finance local solar project. I joined as I believe that diversity and downsizing are elements of a successful future.

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