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How can I contribute and bootstrap?

That is a good question and difficult to answer without knowing details, so I’m going to try to give answers based upon my beliefs and understanding of how to bootstrap. With bootstrap I mean growing from limited means, by iterating fast and by investing the gains into what brought the gain or supports the gain. In other words I want to become part of what brings more than it costs, after of course having put in effort.

My beliefs

  • Many businesses are not sustainable and they must become it in order to survive.
  • The financial system as we know it has outlived itself. The question is whether to change it or build a new one in parallel, while the old system is kept alive? I’m in favor of the latter approach.
  • We must invest in innovation and there are other ways than just putting money in dying structures. As money represents knowledge, labour, energy and materials we could invest them directly in stead of through money, as money goes in a not functioning system and as a result doesn’t get out.
  • In the western world there are groups in society that could still live even without getting paid for their efforts directly for a while. If those are without paying jobs, they would be in a position to invest their knowledge and labour for parts of the business that have a future.  

The open source business model

In the closed business models we assumed that if others would know our secret, it would lose its value, despite of that open source software has flourished. So maybe its not so bad to share knowledge, particularly when we now realize that even if you could produce something for free at location A it would still cost money to get it at location B. And when all the cost is incorporated it is obvious that it isn’t wise to concentrate creating activities in one location or service activities in another or governing activities in yet another, every community needs them all in different sizes. Just think about having all the Internet servers in India, it would result in a very unresponsive Internet no matter how big we would make the glass fiber pipes to the continents.

My Action

I’m looking into how to organize the hands and brains that can afford to help organize local companies to become sustainable, not as a free service, but with a delayed payment model. The world has shown many different implementations over the years, think about the early Internet approach where employees and suppliers accepted stocks as payment, the book author that gets paid through royalties when their book is published, the engineering company that gets a small initial funding for a development and later-on receives a percentage of the product sales, etc.  

I’m interested in those that want to participate in the model.

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