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Posts from ‘November, 2008’

Creating Change

Who loves change?
While preparing myself 20 years ago for working in another country and culture, I decided to inform myself about change/innovation from different angles. Without any doubt this list isn’t complete as it only focuses at the often overlooked aspects, it gives more different point of views than I have read in recently published [...]

No Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets sell!
We all know that that is the case. If you present a simple approach that addresses all the issues presented and you can show that by executing this simple proposal the benefits will grow and that there is financial benefit very fast after your start, you have a hit. Throughout my career I [...]


The real and virtual economy
To compare activities in an economy they are translated to a monetary value, which can later on be converted to other activities and when not needed they can be stored. That is more or less how I see money. So you work, deliver something get that converted to money that you [...]