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Can the co-operative help business?

In previous articles I have indicated that I’m not on forehand for system A or system B, but in stead that I need to see that a system will work now and in the future, realizing that there is no system that meets those requirements forever. What I’m convinced about though, is that a system [...]

How to bootstrap out of this mess!

Understanding a system.
Before it is possible to work on a resolution you must understand the system and particularly when a system consists of a number of feedback loops, loops that can reduce or amplify a change to the input of the system. In my technical years the first test for a  junior in the field [...]

Rethinking Production Systems

The Impossible makes you Think
In the early eighties I got confronted with a desire to build a CPU based gift that had to run for a year on 4 AA batteries. A quick calculation revealed that my desire was off by 100,000% with the reality of the available standard components. The CPU needed 1000 times [...]

No Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets sell!
We all know that that is the case. If you present a simple approach that addresses all the issues presented and you can show that by executing this simple proposal the benefits will grow and that there is financial benefit very fast after your start, you have a hit. Throughout my career I [...]