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Putting your money where your mouth is

Unfortunately I did that a couple of years ago, when I thought it to be time to spend money earned, in places where it could benefit locals as well as myself over time. The company trusted with the investment unfortunately followed the adagio of the financial world, take profits now and present yourself as a [...]

Can the co-operative help business?

In previous articles I have indicated that I’m not on forehand for system A or system B, but in stead that I need to see that a system will work now and in the future, realizing that there is no system that meets those requirements forever. What I’m convinced about though, is that a system [...]

How can I contribute and bootstrap?

That is a good question and difficult to answer without knowing details, so I’m going to try to give answers based upon my beliefs and understanding of how to bootstrap. With bootstrap I mean growing from limited means, by iterating fast and by investing the gains into what brought the gain or supports the gain. [...]

Is ROI leverage sustainable?

For many years we have all heard the different messages that explained us that it is possible to get a much higher return on investment, than one would expect from the economic growth. Many have probably seen that it worked well for years, and even big institutions applied it. We have heard on the other hand the [...]

How to bootstrap out of this mess!

Understanding a system.
Before it is possible to work on a resolution you must understand the system and particularly when a system consists of a number of feedback loops, loops that can reduce or amplify a change to the input of the system. In my technical years the first test for a  junior in the field [...]

Think Global Act Local

More aspects today are inter-related then maybe expected
Over and over again I read in the media “surprising” statements like “the statistical risk analysis for the financial products doesn’t hold”, “PV manufacturers dump toxic production waste !”, “outsourcing production affects the design business !”. So has anything changed lately?
Uh, Yes and No. No the the underlying issues were [...]

Moving to Electric Cars

Why aren’t there more Electric Cars for Sale?
Many articles show over and over new designs, new intentions, great ideas, however it is still close to impossible to buy an electric car besides a few old approach hybrids. I’m not the person to dig into conspiracy theories, I’m more interested in following the money and understand the [...]